Jumpstarter.io and WordPress, play nice.

Just discovered a great new service, jumpstarter.io

“Hosting websites has never been this easy
Keep your websites up and running. Zero server hassle.”

One great thing is the ability to clone (or duplicate) an installation of WordPress (like a staging sever), but that is _exactly_ what it is, a copy. That means that the clone has the root installation URL, so when you try to log in at your new clone it points back to your root installation, not cool. A feature request is made, but in the meantime this following method is a poor mans solution to the problem.

Open up wp-config.php and paste this:


Then visit http://myclone.xxx/wp-login-php (Not /wp-admin, didn’t work for me at least) (Replace myclone.xxx with your own URL).

You should now be able to access the new (clone) admin.

You should now prob remove the line in wp-config.php

Read more @ WordPress Codex.