Install FTDI-drivers on Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite

REMEMBER: This is for OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

If you are going to use the ESP8266 with a FTDI-cable, you first need to install some drivers. Actually this is pretty basic IF you read the manual (link is below), but if you are like me; here are the steps you “need” to follow.

1. First uninstall Apple-provided FTDI VCP driver, from the Terminal.

Type :
cd /Library/Extensions
sudo rm -r FTDIUSBSerialDriver.kext


2. Download VCP-drivers and install, normal .dmg-install. (Even I now how to do this, just follow the wizard).

3. Download D2xx Drivers (1.2.2) copy libftd2xx.1.2.2.dylib (think I used the one in /bin/10.5-10.7) into the dir /usr/local/lib (use Terminal or Finder).

Change dir to /usr/local/lib

Create a symbolic link1 to the library (ln -sf libftd2xx.1.2.2.dylib libftd2xx.dylib)

Done! (Taken from the installation guide @

Next: Test drive your ESP8266 with some basic AT-commands

Bonus (some Terminal stuff). Command ln (linkname) creates links between files. Passing -sf as options:
-s create symbolic link (soft link)
-f (force) overwrite file if it already exist

In the next part we’ll be looking at hooking up the ESP8266 to your computer via the FTDI-cable.

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